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eno energy is presenting its eno 114 and eno 126 wind turbines, with 4.0 MW capacities and up to 7% more yield, at WindEnergy

(Rostock / Berlin 16 September 2016) – The Rostock-based wind turbine manufacturer is expanding its range in the 3-4 MW class. Its already most powerful wind turbines, the eno 114 3.5 and eno 126 3.5, are both receiving power upgrades to achieve 4.0 MW.

"After completing the 0-series for the eno 114 3.5 MW and after evaluating all the measurements, our development department soon realised that the wind turbine still contains power reserves that can be leveraged relatively quickly," explains Robin Ahrens, Head of Development at eno energy systems GmbH. The eno 114 4.0 MW and 126 4.0 MW variants will be available by the middle of next year and will achieve up to 7% additional yields compared with their counterparts with 3.5 MW rated capacities.

The upgraded turbines will no longer be offered like the 3.5 in the IEC IIS (eno 114) and IEC IIIS (eno 126) wind classes, but will both be available in the IEC IIA class. However, the familiar platform versions with 3.5 MW will still be available for demanding locations with increased requirements for the permissible turbulence intensity.

The range of towers is also being expanded. The product range now includes steel tube tower variants with hub heights ranging between 92 and 142 metres. The eno 126 product range is being supplemented and, in addition to towers with 117- and 137-metre hub heights, will also include a tower with a 97-metre hub height for sites with strong wind conditions.

The eno 126 wind turbine, whose first examples have been sold to the Evangelical Church of Central Germany and will be constructed by the end of the year, is almost identical to the eno 114 with the exception of the rotor blade system. The use of carbon fibre in the more than 61-metre-long blade reduces the weight while increasing the relative blade stiffness. However the use of carbon, a conductive material, also increases the lightning protection requirements. "We are therefore proud to have developed our own lightning protection system, which has already passed all the tests very successfully," says Development Manager Robin Ahrens.

eno energy will be presenting its wind turbines at the WindEnergy expo in Hamburg in Hall B6 at Stand 375.

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eno energy concludes long-term cooperation agreement for more than 60 MW

(Rostock/Berlin 4 May 2016) – As announced by Managing Director Karsten Porm at the beginning of this year, eno energy is intensifying its focus on forging new cooperation agreements as well as expanding its service sector. An agreement has just been signed with the Rotoron consortium, which will enable both partners to jointly develop projects in different stages of development over the coming years, with a volume of over 60 MW. 

The cooperation agreement covers several scenarios in which eno acts as a supplier of wind turbines, and in which it can enter projects at an early stage and can become involved in them or take over them. Due to its broad range of services and know-how in areas such as planning, site evaluation, project management and project funding, eno energy brings the flexibility needed to complete complex tasks. 

The cooperation, which is planned to cover a long-term period, also benefits from Rotoron's many years of experience in the wind industry, as well as its regional knowledge and local networking with public sponsors, municipalities and property owners. 

As sales manager Henri Wasnick explains: “Currently we are already negotiating the first specific project from the project pool specified in the cooperation agreement. We anticipate that we will already receive approval this year in line with the federal immission control act for three wind turbines for our highest yield 3.5 MW platform in North Rhine-Westphalia.” 

In the interim, eno energy has installed almost 600 MW, of which around 250 MW have been installed using the company’s own high-quality machines from its Rostock production plant. According to Mr. Wasnick: “Since the project sites are located in Schleswig-Holstein and North Rhine-Westphalia, the cooperation also gives us the opportunity to intensify our activities in the western German federal states.” 


For Rotoron Managing Director Prof. Dr. Hoffmann, the cooperation with eno energy will mean above all an easing of the workload and greater security: “This cooperation will enable us to design the type of involvement in each individual project more flexibly. As a result, both partners can bring their respective strengths to the projects, while at the same time dividing up the work as well as the risk. This is particularly important with a view to the changes arising from the EEG.” 

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eno energy starts installation of 21 MW in Plauerhagen wind farm. Measurements show eno 114 generates up to 4% greater yields than calculated.

(Rostock/ Berlin, 10 March 2016) – The wind turbines in the Plauerhagen wind farm, which were sold to the Dortmund-based DEW21 company at the end of 2015, are now under construction. The erection of the six eno 114 wind turbines is scheduled to be completed there in the second quarter of 2016.

eno energy already erected eight eno 82 wind turbines in the wind farm, which is situated in the county of Ludwigslust-Parchim in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, back in 2009/2010. The newly added and recently type-certified eno 114 machine type has a rated power of 3.5 MW and will be erected in Plauerhagen at a hub height of 127.5 metres.

“The construction of the wind farm for the DEW21 operator continues apace – the first wind turbine has already begun operation,” says Stefan Bockholt from eno energy. The Technical Director adds: “The measurement of the power curve for the eno 114 completed in January 2016 produced – depending on the project – up to four percent more yield than originally calculated. That is an additional plus for our customers in terms of cost effectiveness, and confirms the extensive development work for our powerful and turbulence-resistant 3.5 MW platform.”

eno’s principle, which enables a more compact wind farm layout, is also being used in Plauerhagen wind farm’s latest construction phase. The wind turbines, which are being erected in two rows, can be placed closer together than is usual. The eno 114’s robustness with respect to wake flows from closely spaced, adjacent wind turbines is based on the special rotor blade aerodynamics and the turbulence-proof design of the support structure and drive train components. This enables the yield per unit area to be economically optimised.

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Another four eno 100s for Sweden

(Rostock/ Berlin 18 February 2016) – eno energy has created a small but lucrative market niche in Sweden with the sale of individual or few numbers of eno 100 wind turbines, including individual customer care. The four wind turbines being newly added in 2016 increase the company’s realised volume in Sweden to around 25 MW.

Three of the four eno 100s are going in the southern Swedish village of Blombacka in the Västergötland province. The first two wind turbines have just been delivered and respectively installed by a farmer and a hotel operator. Another eno 100, which is scheduled to be erected in the second quarter of 2016, is being delivered to Nyskog around 70 km further north.

Ralf Hoch, Managing Director of eno’s Swedish subsidiary, eno energy AB, also expects a roughly 10 MW annual growth in eno wind turbines for the coming years: “The joint stock exchange trading with Norway and the currently low price of electricity at less than 0.04 EUR/kWh have significantly slowed expansion in Sweden. There are currently hardly any large wind farms being built. In this respect, we are on the right track in focussing on operators who often only want to erect one or two wind turbines as private investors. Despite the currently modest conditions, we can deliver these projects economically. If the underlying conditions improve again, we will intensify our existing plans for several larger wind farm projects.”

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eno energy’s foreign business is picking up: Sale of wind farm in France and expansion of activities in Sweden

(Rostock/Berlin 18 January 2016) – With the sale of the Mohon Wind Farm in France at the end of 2015 and the expansion of its activities in Sweden, eno energy is sending positive signals for the further development of its foreign business.

The construction work for Mohon Wind Farm in Brittany has already commenced. The wind farm, which has been sold to CEE Wind-Beteiligungs GmbH & Co. KG and Lampe Alternative Investments S.A., is scheduled to begin operation in the middle of the year with 20 MW rated output and a hub height of 105 metres.

“With Mohon, we were particularly delighted to be able to sell a large project from our French pipeline,” says eno energy’s Commercial Director, Robert Jantzen. “We are working on the continuous implementation of our projects and already have our eyes set on the next eno wind farm in the Pays de la Loire region.”

In Sweden, wind turbines with a total rated output of 11 MW were brought into operation and sold in 2015. Further eno 100 wind turbines are about to be erected. “Our Swedish customers are very satisfied, not least because of the high yields attained with the eno 100 – peak values of up to 4,000 MWh per turbine were achieved in the second half of 2015. For 2016 we expect incoming orders from there similar to last year,” adds Robert Jantzen. “The continuously growing number of eno wind turbines in Sweden and the conclusion of further contracts make the creation of a service company on the ground essential in order to further improve the service for our customers.”

In addition to the projects sold abroad, eno energy also successfully completed several transactions in Germany during the past year. The 24 wind turbines sold with a capacity of 63.8 MW include the Plauerhagen Wind Farm with 21 MW to DEW 21 Windkraftbeteiligungsgesellschaft mbH and the Giesensdorf Wind Farm with 6.6 MW to a Danish investor.

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eno energy commissions 14 MW in Saxony-Anhalt (Germany). A more compact wind farm layout thanks to the eno principle

(Rostock/ Berlin, 10 September 2015) – An existing wind farm in the county of Mansfeld- Südharz, near Halle (Germany), has been expanded by the introduction of four wind turbines, type eno 114, with a total rated output o f 14 MW. The new construction section in the community of Teutschenthal was fully completed at the end of August and put into operation. Using the eno principle ensured that the expansion of the existing, heterogeneous wind farm, formerly made up of ten wind turbines produced by different manufacturers, was an efficient process.

The initial plan for expanding the wind farm with other turbines would have caused turbulence difficulties in relation to the wind turbines already on-site. The decision to re-plan, using the eno 114 turbine on a 127.5 metre steel to wer, provided the solution. The wind turbines actually came closer together due to the l arger rotor blades. Nevertheless, the turbulence-resistant design of the support structure and drive train components, as well as specially designed rotor blade aerodynamics, result in a reduction in the amount of turbulence induced in the wind farm. This means that the four eno 114 turbines, constructed in two construction phases, behave well together and within the wind farm network. Deactivations are reduced to a minimum.

Stefan Bockholt, Technical Director at eno energy, considers the sophisticated development work for the 3.5 MW platform, with the aim of an op timised wind farm layout, to be confirmed: “With every new project, we prove that we have an effective response to questions concerning future layouts of wind farms, which, more and more, include increases in density, border development, repowering, or locations with difficult wind conditions. Our short delivery time which currently stands at six to nine months, is another advantage to working with us.”

The eno principle should help to improve how wind turbines interact in the wind farm network. “A more compact design, fewer deactivations, and long-term higher yields make wind farms considerably more efficient”, adds Bockholt. “As regards expansion of the wind farm in Teutschenthal, peak values of around 80,000 kWh, or 22.83 full-load hours on a single day, as well as around 99.5 % monthly availability are already being reached with the eno 114.”

Even if the overall availability of all eno 114 turbines, on average, is still not quite reaching the high levels of the established eno 82 and eno 92 types, these values – as well as a first measured sound level of just 104.2 db(A) – show the enormous potential of the turbine.

eno energy will be represented at HUSUM Wind in hall 3, stand B25.

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eno energy commissions 8.8 MW for wind farm in Sweden

(Rostock/Berlin, Germany, 7 July 2015) – Four eno 100 wind turbines, each with an output of 2.2 MW and a hub height of 99 m, were commissioned in southern Sweden in June. They form part of the Sunhultsbrunn wind farm, which will be expanded with a further two wind turbines in 2016.

This wind farm is at a forest location that is typical of the region, and is close to the village of Sunhultsbrunn with a population of 300, around 50 km west of the city of Jönköping. The wind turbines were ordered by four owners who have combined to form an operating company.

The eno 100 was selected for its combination of compactness, robust mechanical engineering and high yields. The large rotor diameter of 100.5 metres provides maximum energy yields at locations with weak winds such as Sunhultsbrunn. The high average availability of around 98% – based on all eno 100 turbines that have been commissioned so far – is a result of the excellent reliability and durability of all drive train components. The redundant design of the grid-feeding system ensures the full operational readiness of these turbines, even if individual converter modules should fail.

With the commissioning of these wind turbines in Sunhultsbrunn, eno energy has further strengthened its position in the Swedish market. The installation of three additional eno 100 turbines at other locations in southern Sweden in the second half of 2015 will increase the company’s market share there to 2-3%.

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eno rotor blade EB 56 certification successful. Required for special higher turbulence applications of eno 114.

(Rostock/ Berlin, 31 March 2015) – Successful completion of the overall certification of eno rotor blade EB 56 per the GL and IEC guidelines by renowned certification body DNV GL means that yet another milestone has been reached, confirming the successful development work of eno energy for the 3.5 MW platform for optimising park layouts.

The completely redesigned eno 114, first built in 2014, is the Rostock-based manufacturer’s early reaction to the successive changes in the framework conditions for wind farms. In particular, these changes include increases in density, border development, repowering or locations with difficult wind conditions. “Besides optimising the drive train, our new blade design plays a major role in this to maintain the required turbulence resistance for such applications, avoiding shut-downs and thus offering customers efficiency advantages,” says Stefan Bockholt, Technical Director at eno energy.

Axel Dombrowski, Deputy Director of the Certification Body DNV GL Energy – Renewables Certification is delighted with the close cooperation with eno energy.“The certification process, which was intensive for both sides, has shown us eno’s high quality standards. With our over thirty years of experience, we were able avail of our expertise to support the young manufacturer with verification during the development process, and can now issue the internationally-recognised certificate per our DNV GL guideline and IEC 61400-22.”

To ensure that the wind turbine always adapts optimally to the current turbulence conditions, eno’s rotor blade has a different profile to many competitors in the 3 to 4 MW class. The trend is for slim, cost-optimised blades, whereas eno energy has designed its blade to run particularly smoothly. The eno 114 is the only wind turbine in this class classified for wind class IEC IIs, an advanced turbulence classification which permits a more compact wind farm layout.

Measurements on the first turbines also confirm the rotor blades’ good aero-acoustic design. The noise emission figures calculated are lower than the forecast 105 dB(A).

At Stand 17 in Hall 27 of the Hannover Messe trade fair, eno energy will demonstrate why eno 114 is ideal for difficult locations and generates the highest yield in the long term due to lower sectoral shut-downs, using a wind farm expansion in Mecklenburg-Lower Pomerania as an example.

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eno energy supplies almost 30 MW for wind farm in Saxony-Anhalt

(Rostock/ Berlin, 17 December 2014) – Thirteen eno 92 wind turbines with a total capacity of 28.6 MW are scheduled to be constructed by the end of 2015 near the town of Hohenmölsen. Work is already well underway on the first construction phase with six wind turbines, with a commissioning target in 2014. In addition, a full service contract has been concluded for a period of 15 years.

“For the last three years, the eno 92 has been the most built wind turbine in our company. The production of the first six turbines was correspondingly quick and well-versed,” says Michael Böhm, eno energy’s Head of Production, Project Management and Service. “In addition, the conditions for quickly and comprehensively maintaining the wind turbines in Hohenmölsen are optimal, as our service base in Schkeuditz is situated just 40 km from the wind farm. We’re currently reinforcing our Leipzig team, since with the other new wind farms in Buchhain and Wansleben there’ll be a lot of work ahead for the service technicians.”

The Hohenmölsen wind farm lies west of the 10,000-resident town and is located in the Burgenlandkreis rural district in southern Saxony-Anhalt. Because the wind farm is located in a former mining area, special foundations are required for the wind turbines that have a hub height of 123 metres. Construction started on the project, which was jointly developed with a central German project developer, in September 2014.

Due to the local conditions, the tried-and tested eno 92 is being deployed with a 2.2 MW capacity. “Our very versatile 92 turbine also generates top yields at central German locations with relatively little wind. We’re expecting about 70,000 MWh annually for the entire wind farm,” adds Michael Böhm. “The basis for long-term high yields is provided by our premium technology, the network compatibility ensured through highly innovative full converter technology, the very high availability when compared with the market and the optimum service. In addition, we care about the environmental friendliness of our technology, for example by dispensing with rare earths in the generator construction.”

Once all the planned wind turbines are completed, around 16,000 four-person households with a respective consumption of 4,400 kWh/ year can be supplied with renewable electricity.

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eno energy founds subsidiary in the UK

(Rostock/ Berlin, 19 September 2014) – With the recently completed launch of its United Kingdom subsidiary, the Rostock, Germany based eno energy Group continues to strengthen its market presence in European countries. eno energy UK will be active in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, and shall be headquartered in Birmingham. 

Matias Baigorria Heise, Chief Executive Officer of eno energy UK Ltd, explained the aspects that led to the foundation of the UK subsidiary. “The British Isles' fantastic wind regime, stable macroeconomic environments and proven renewable electricity remuneration systems will enable eno energy to target long-term company growth and increased market competitiveness within the UK. For eno energy, all historic nations present on the British Isles are part of a beautiful extended wind family and we are looking forward to bringing strong wind energy co-operations into all regions." 

eno energy will be initially offering three wind turbines in the UK: the eno 82 with rated power variations of 1.5 MW and 2.05 MW and a total height of less than 100 metres for wind class IIA; the 2.2 MW eno 92 with an 80-metre hub height; as well as the very turbulent-resistant eno 114 with a 3.5 MW capacity, wind class II-S and a 92-metre hub height, which is ideal for coastal locations. A smaller tower for the eno114 will follow shortly. 

An expansion of the product portfolio is planned for 2016 and, among others, will include: the 2.2 MW eno 92 wind turbine for wind class IIA with an overall height under 115 metres, and the 2.05 MW eno 82 for high wind regions with wind class IA – which is specially conceived for the windiest sites in Scotland and Ireland. The use of a large wind class IA wind turbine based on the 3.5 MW platform is also being considered. 

The activities in the United Kingdom will focus on direct sales to third-party customers such as mid-size independent power producers, small-scale project developers and landowners. In addition, project development collaborations are also possible. “eno energy wants to utilise its expertise garnered from its many years of corporate experience in project development to support customers in the UK from the planning approval right through to completely installed, turnkey wind projects,” adds CEO Matias Baigorria Heise. 

The company is generally seeking long-term collaborations with customers and project developers, banks and insurance companies, as well as with installation and logistics companies. 

UK eno’s service will include the “eno Complete Care Package” with a 15-year term and 97% technical availability. The measured availability of all eno turbines currently amounts to almost 99% on average. The eno technology will be fully bankable in the UK thanks to the independent due diligence report from the renowned appraisal experts at the 8.2 consultancy group as well as further high-quality project references. 

eno energy will be present at the WindEnergy trade fair in Hamburg, and its team shall be welcoming numerous visitors from the UK and Ireland at its stand, located at Booth Number 375 in Hall B6.

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Swedish customers order six wind turbines totalling 13.2 MW from eno energy. Contracts already signed.

(Rostock / Vessigebro / Berlin, 17 July 2014) In recent months eno energy has signed contracts to supply six wind turbines for the Swedish market. All eno 100 wind turbines have a capacity of 2.2 MW, a rotor diameter of 100.5 metres and a steel tower with a height of 99 metres.

The six wind turbines, which are expected to generate a total electricity volume of about 40 GWh per year, are scheduled to be delivered during the fourth quarter of 2014 to three different locations in southern Sweden.

Four eno 100 wind turbines were ordered by various agricultural and forestry companies and shall be erected in the Tranås municipality in the province of Småland. Another wind turbine was ordered by Eldsberga Vind AB, which is a collective consisting of farmers, entrepreneurs and landowners, and shall be erected in the Halmstad municipality (Halland region). The sixth eno 100 wind turbine is being delivered on behalf of a group of shareholders to Sävsjö municipality, which is also in Småland.

“We faced strong competition from rival companies with most of the projects and we’re proud to have secured the orders,” emphasises the Managing Director of eno energy Sweden AB, Gert-Olof Holst. “The wind turbine is able to leverage its strengths perfectly in the Swedish inland locations, since it is designed to make maximum use of locations with weak winds and has already successfully proved its suitability at logistically challenging locations.”

Like all wind turbines from the eno company, the eno 100 successfully combines a full power converter with a multipolar, externally excited synchronous generator and self-developed control technology that also enables grid faults to be reliably ridden through in Sweden.

Ralf Hoch, eno's Country Manager for Sweden, is already negotiating expansions to the wind farms: “We can probably erect two more wind turbines at each of the two sites in Småland. In Tranås we expect the building permit by the end of summer. In Sävsjö talks are underway with potential customers for delivery in 2015.”

eno energy Sweden AB is a wholly owned subsidiary of eno energy GmbH and was founded in 2011 with headquarters in Vessigebro.

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eno energy delivers 10 turbines for wind farms near Parchim

(Rostock/ Berlin, 26 June 2014) – Zölkow, located in Ludwigslust-Parchim county (Mecklenburg-West Pomerania), is one of the largest “wind energy communities” in Germany. By June 2014, eno energy will have delivered a total of 10 eno 82 and eno 92 wind turbines for various investors to the site, with a total output of over 20 MW.

In Groß Niendorf, a part of Zölkow, six eno 82 turbines are currently under construction. Previously, three eno 92 and one eno 82 had been erected at the Kladrum wind farm near Zölkow, which have meanwhile been purchased by a well-known public utility company from southern Germany. All wind turbines are connected to an independently erected 30 kV/110 kV transformer station in Brüel via approximately 30 km of cable track.

"Our investors want solid, innovative and environmentally friendly technology that ensures long-term yields. Every year, eno wind turbines deliver peak availability levels with almost no interruption and in so doing ensure that the operators gain their anticipated returns," eno production and service manager Michael Böhm told us.

A turbine inspection conducted over several years by the independent inspection office, Arndt GmbH, in twelve eno energy wind farms showed in 2013, for example, that there was an average technical turbine availability of 98.7% for the tried and tested eno 82 and eno 92 turbines that had been built there.

The technical basis for these peak values for the two variable rotation turbine types is the multipolar synchronous generator – with a conscious avoidance of the use of rare earths – and the highly innovative full converter technology, which guarantee optimum compatibility in demanding grids.

"Our comprehensive range of services was also included in the inspection," Michael Böhm adds. The flexible full maintenance concept, "eno complete care", includes permanent monitoring of the machines, accompanied by a preventive, latest generation early warning system (Condition Monitoring System).

The yield forecasts for the ten new turbines in Zölkow are very promising. Thanks to the feed of renewable power, electricity for approximately 13,000 homes can be provided, and around 32,500 tonnes of CO2 can be saved per year. 

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eno energy installs second 114 wind turbine and introduces advanced technology into the 3 MW class

(Rostock/ Berlin, 21 March 2014) – In just a few years, eno energy has built up an impressive product portfolio. Quality has always been the most important guiding principle here, and this is reflected in the high technical availability of eno wind turbines compared to others on the market. Following on from the installation of the prototype of the eno 114 in Brusow, close to the Baltic Sea, a second eno 114 has now been erected on the North Sea coast. With this new wind turbine, high-performance engineering technology has been introduced into the 3 MW class. This 3.5 MW wind turbine is currently the most powerful onshore turbine in its class, thanks to a range of innovative detailed solutions and to components developed by the company.

This variable-speed, pitch-controlled wind turbine is a newly developed system with a rotor diameter of 114.9 m and a hub height of 92 m. Alternatively, hub heights of 128 and 142 m are also available. This wind turbine is particularly suitable for windy locations close to the coast. Thanks to its high turbulence resistance, the eno 114 is ideal for locations with increased local turbulence – and also for repowering projects, building projects on gap sites and a compact wind farm layout.

This is made possible by the rotor blades, which have been newly developed by eno and are optimally adapted for wind farm operation, and the turbulence-resistant design of the support structure and drive train components. These elements allow for low separation distances between wind turbines and reduce losses associated with the switch-off of turbines. Overall, an above-average financial return can be achieved by using eno 114 wind turbines in wind farms.

The location of Brusow in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania offers excellent conditions for the comprehensive test procedures that were begun immediately after commissioning of the turbine. “As the available wind is sufficiently strong and no other wind turbines are present in the vicinity, free incident flow to the turbine is possible,” explained project manager Christin Plepla. Things will become even more interesting when the second prototype turbine will be installed in early 2014. “In Brusow, we have the opportunity to erect two wind turbines at one site and to carry out more detailed measurements than usual,” she added.

The second 114 wind turbine can now demonstrate its strengths at a site in East Frisia close to the North Sea in heterogeneous surroundings with around a dozen turbines from various manufacturers. As part of a repowering project, this turbine will replace an existing unit at a hub height of 92 metres and is now the most powerful turbine in an existing wind farm that is characterised by strong turbulence.

Stefan Bockholt, head of engineering at the Rostock-based company, emphasises the company’s demanding philosophy: “The full range of our expertise has gone into the development of the eno 114. We aim to set high standards with regard to reliability, durability and efficiency by bringing together various engineering innovations.” For example, the turbine features a four-point bearing for the rotor and hydraulic gearbox suspension. The multi-phase design of the motor is unique too, as it provides for sixfold redundancy in the electrical system. In addition, the eno 114 is equipped with redundant lubrication, cooling and converter systems that ensure full operability of the turbine even if individual subsystems should fail.

In total, orders for around twenty eno 114 turbines have already been received for 2014. As in 2013, eno energy will again be present at the Hannover Messe trade fair in April this year and can be visited at stand M 25 in hall 27.

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Full order books at eno energy – Rostock manufacturer enjoys successful start to 2014

(Rostock / Berlin, 28 January 2014) – Business is going well in the New Year for the wind turbine manufacturer from Rostock, Germany. The positive trend in the business development that was already emerging in the fourth quarter of 2013 was also confirmed in the New Year with increasing demand and a growing number of concluded contracts.

Numerous wind turbines with a value of almost 27 million euros were already supplied and erected during the last three months of the previous year, including for the wind farms in Zerbst, Stäbelow, Suderburg and Fienstorf. Further wind turbines in Zölkow, Groß Niendorf, Bocholt and Brusow with a value of around 28 million euros are currently under construction and are about to be completed.

The sales of wind turbines, mainly to small and medium-sized project developers, was able to be considerably expanded. This trend continues unabated so that in recent weeks further turbines in the eno 100 (2.2 MW), eno 114 and eno 126 (3.5 MW) series, with a value of approximately 45 million euros, were able to be contractually fixed for delivery in the first six months of 2015. For 2014 alone, eno is currently negotiating an order volume exceeding 110 million euros for sites in Germany.

It is intended to considerably expand both the German and European businesses this year, whereby several projects are about to be concluded. Orders are currently being negotiated for deliveries from the third quarter of 2014. In addition, the eno Group‘s own portfolio of wind turbines, which is important for generating continual income and steering the plant production, was successfully increased by a further 15 MW.

The high quality of the eno wind turbines, which is repeatedly confirmed by renowned banks and expert appraisers, ensures that the eno technology can be increasingly better positioned in the market. A survey of the technological state of the turbines, which was produced in December 2013 by expert appraisers from the 8.2 Group, testifies that the turbines have, for example, consistently high robustness and reliability and, to some extent, “above-average potential”.

In 2013, the wind turbine manufacturer eno energy successfully consolidated its core topics concerned with internationalisation, wind turbines sales, increasing its own turbine portfolio and expanding the production depth. Despite imminent cuts as part of the forthcoming amendment of the German Renewable Energy Sources Act, eno feels well equipped for the future as a result of its innovative technologies, flexibility, everything-from-a-single-source strategy and expansion in further European markets.

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Intelligent investment for individual wind projects: eno energy presents new 1.5-MW wind turbine at renewableUK

Low installation figures for projects in the tariff range between 0.5 and 1.5 MW in the UK market suggest that there have been no suitable wind turbines in this segment until now. However, with its new eno 82 – 1.5 MW wind turbine, eno energy shows that investing in this class is worthwhile in the long term.

The turbine is designed for individual sites with average wind speeds of up to 8.5 m/s, which until now have been predominantly equipped with 500-kW wind turbines. The large rotor with an 82-metre diameter, combined with the relatively low output of the 1.5-MW generator, ensures a high annual full-load rating. Full capacity is already achieved with wind speeds less than 12 m/s.

“Despite the low remuneration compared with the segment below 500 kW, 1.5-MW projects offer considerably greater revenues due to the yields that are around two and a half times greater,” explains Helmut Lange, Sales Director at eno energy systems GmbH. “This is an attractive investment when viewed across a period of 20 years, since a greater accumulated annual profit is achieved once the running costs have been deducted.”

The wind turbine is based on the eno 82, but is equipped with a fully fledged, high quality 1.5-MW generator. This therefore complies with the tariff accreditation in the UK and ensures one hundred per cent investment security.

With its proven combination of full power converter, slip ring-free and externally excited synchronous generator along with highly innovative control technology, the wind turbine offers the best possible grid properties as well as robust and reliable mechanical engineering.

With its selectable hub heights, the wind turbine can also easily adapt to landscape planning requirements. With hub heights of 59 and 80 metres, the rotor tips of the eno 82 – 1.5 MW wind turbine respectively extend 100 or 121 metres above the ground and therefore do not exceed the overall heights of 100 and 125 metres that are currently standard in England and Scotland.

“With the market launch of the eno 82 – 1.5 MW at the renewableUK trade show, we are offering interested customers an intelligent product in a hitherto largely disregarded segment,” says Helmut Lange. “In addition, we are also planning an optional funding model for the wind turbine as a special customer service.”

eno energy’s stand, number 126a, is located in the southern part of the exhibition hall. 

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New eno 100 erected in Kulleryd, Sweden

On 13 September 2013, the new eno 100 wind turbine was erected on schedule in Lilla Kulleryd, which is situated in south-western Sweden near the town of Ronneby. The Stockholm-based investor Nils Bodin had ordered the wind turbine, which was manufactured by the eno energy wind turbine company in Rostock, from its Swedish subsidiary eno energy Sweden AB.

The eno 100, which has a rotor diameter of 100 metres, a hub height of 99 metres and an output of 2.2 MW, is based on the proven eno 92 and expands the 2-MW range. It was constructed on a square foundation, as is typical in Sweden.

Although only a maximum height of 150 metres is allowed for wind turbines in the densely forested site in the municipality of Kulleryd, the customer wanted the maximum possible rotor length and output. Even after comparison with 2.5-MW turbines from other competitors, the eno 100 turned out to be the best and highest yielding solution for this site.

“Following the protracted history of this project, we have found a business partner with eno energy Sweden with whom the collaboration has worked excellently,” says a satisfied Nils Bodin. “After six years of planning and tough negotiations with the responsible authorities right up to receiving planning permission, as well as a turbine supplier who went bankrupt, we were delighted to meet Managing Director Gert-Olof Holst and his team, who provided us with professional support and supplied us with a wind turbine with an excellent performance.”

The outstanding cooperation with the family-owned company Kulleryd Kraft AB is also confirmed by eno Project Manager Paolo Bonsignore. “Mr Bodin and his two sons involved were firstly very flexible in terms of all the planning and, secondly, always remained precisely on schedule with the track construction and foundation work that was coordinated and prepared by them.”

Following an initial test run with an empty trailer, the Torben Rafn & Co A/S transport company brilliantly mastered the challenge of transporting the turbine and rotor blades along a narrow access track that ran through the rocky and densely wooded terrain. The crane site and access track had been previously constructed by Liljegrens Entreprenad AB. The foundation was completed in just two and a half weeks by the Kanonaden Entreprenad AB construction company. Nordic Crane AB was responsible for erecting the wind turbine.

Following the wind turbine’s commissioning at the beginning of October, eno energy Sweden AB will be inviting guests to Ronneby and Kulleryd to attend an information event and inspect the new turbine on 29 October 2013.

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Also eno 92 passes Unit Certification with flying colours

Rostock, July 12, 2013

Subsequently to the successful completion of the unit certification of the eno 82 in March 2013 now also the eno 92 has received the certificate with excellent results. Thus this wind turbine - particularly suitable for low wind conditions - fulfils all the qualifications for connection to the grid in Germany and ensures the remuneration requirements of the German Law on Renewable Sources of Energy - the EEG.

The Unit Certification for "grid compatibility and supply of system services" is given to eno energy on June 13, 2013 by the WIND-certification GmbH, a certification body which is accredited according to DIN EN 45011. Comprehensive measurements of the network behavior of the 92 model series in the field as well as of a simulation model have proven that the wind turbine complies with all relevant requirements of the system service regulation (SDLWindV). This also guarantees that customers will receive the bonus in the form of an increased energy feeding rate as provided by the regulation.

"The trouble-free certification confirms our sound and continuous development work", says Stefan Bockholt, head of engineering of eno energy systems GmbH. "We expect to receive the certification of the new eno 100 in the third quarter of 2013 which will then complete our portfolio of tested turbines within the 2 MW-platform."

The eno 92 as well as the eno 82 possess a full-power converter concept in connection with a maintenance-free, electrically activated synchronous machine for an optimal and non-interacting grid control. The control concept including electrical hardware, SCADA-solution and grid management concept has been specifically adapted to the eno 92.

Thus for the eno 92, as well as for all other eno-turbines a closed solution for the perfect grid integration is available. The machine plays an active role ensuring to keep tension and frequency stable in the electricity grid and to give relieve in critical situations.

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First eno wind turbine established abroad

Rostock, 08/05/ 2013
In Sweden the first eno wind power plant is built outside of Germany. The eno 92 with 2.2 MW has a height of 103 meters and rotates on a private estate in Floby, this is a place in the community Falköping, in the middle of the Great Lakes of Vänern and Vättern and is located approximately 120 km northeast of Gothenburg. The customers of the wind turbines are a community of local farmers, entrepreneurs and local landowners.

The managing director of the Swedish subsidiary eno energy sweden AB, Gert-Olof (Måns) Holst, is pleased with the quick success of the company: "The agreement on a second machine, an eno 100 at 99 m hub height, was recently signed and the installation takes place in the second half of 2013. His years of experience in the wind energy and his excellent contacts within industry are helpful to make eno energy well known as a manufacturer in Scandinavia and to establish appropriate references.

And also the co-development with Swedish developers should help to enlarge the opportunities to deliver the eno technique to Sweden: a project with three wind turbines in Småland, another project with two plants in the province Västra Götaland and a Finnish project with seven machines are already real examples.

There is also a great interest among private persons, farmers and small developers who want to build single turbines and even medium-sized utilities already ask - this makes us optimistic about the future.

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Unit certification of e.n.o. 82-2.05 MW sucessfully completed

Rostock, 08/04/2013
Wind turbine generators have to contribute to keep voltage and frequency of power grid constant and relieve it in critical grid situations. For this purpose, high requirements are placed on power quality and network fault performance.

The German System Service Ordinance (SDLWindV) was initiated by the amendment of the German Renewable Energy Act (Erneuerbare Energien Gesetz - EEG) in 2009. Based on this, wind turbine generators have to be certificated for grid connection to receive the compensatory feed-in remuneration of German Renewable Energy Act. To fulfill the national as well as the international GridCode-requirements, eno energy systems GmbH has developed a special power supply concept for their entire wind turbine fleet. This is based on a maintenance-free and electrically excited synchronous machine coupled with a full converter technology for an optimal and non-reactive grid control.

With the recently completed unit certification of e.n.o. 82, the first wind turbine based on the innovative power supply concept according to SDLWindV is certified. Based on this, the wind turbines e.n.o. 92 and e.n.o. 100 will follow shortly. In order to that, all of these maschines meet then the requirements for a grid connection in Germany as well as thus the feed-in remuneration is ensured.

"The German unit certificate is a significant milestone for us, as this is the evidence of the outstanding grid connection characteristics of the full converter technology used in all our wind turbines", explains Stefan Bockholt, chief design engineer of eno energy systems GmbH in conclusion.

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e.n.o. energy grows business continuously

Rostock, 06 February 2013

Germany's wind energy industry has seen a significant upswing in the past year. In 2012 nationwide wind energy capacities of 2439 MW have been connected to the grid, so the two industry associations VDMA Power Systems and German Wind Energy Association (BWE) reported.

This positive trend is also presists at wind turbine manufacturer eno energy. In the northern and eastern federal states of Germany the market share was up to 13 percent. Throughout Germany, this corresponds to two percent of the newly installed eno wind energy turbines in 2012. In order to improve overall sales in the future, the company will open additional sales offices in Hamburg, Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria. For the years 2013/14 Helmut Lange, head of sales of the eno energy systems GmbH, is also optimistic: "We have quite some plans for the upcoming years, thanks to the good order situation. We already started with the expansion of the manufacturing capacity, where the new type of turbine, the 3.5 MW platform, will be built in the future. This turbine is designed for both IEC II as well as for IEC III sites. We will also continue to improve our international growth, for example with a delivery to Scandinavia in the second quarter of 2013. New market entrances in other European countries are in the pipeline."

The figures for 2012 show: the group has a solid and profitable position in the market, visible through a significant revenue and profit growth compared to the same period of last year. Due to the healthy growth also the demand for personnel increases. Last year a total of 44 new employees were hired, during the current year additional specialists for the production, service and engineering are also required.

About the eno energy systems GmbH

The eno energy systems GmbH, seated in Rostock, is a manufacturer of onshore wind turbines with rated power outputs from 2.05 MW up to 3.5 MW and rotor diameters from 82 meters to 126 meters. The wind turbine development is focused on durability and is realized only with well-known suppliers. The company is positioned as wind turbine manufacturer and as a supplier of services for national and international markets. Furthermore, the eno energy systems GmbH is characterized as a qualified partner for municipal investors and multinational project developers.

Press contact
eno energy GmbH
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Head of Communications and Marketing
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18147 Rostock

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The eno Research Department - Innovative concepts for higher profitability -

Within the eno energy group, growth in development and research has led to the formation of its own team. March of this year, the eno energy research team studies technological developments for future plants, use of new materials, in-house production questions, patent searches and other issues. The team is led by Dr. Martin Horenz, who relocated from the aerospace engineering sector at the Technical University of Dresden.

The aim of the research team is to identify and safeguard USPs. In order to do this, the team examines innovative concepts and principles for their applicability in future plants, prepares patent applications and supervises current patent applications. But the main focus of eno energy's research and development work lies in cooperation with wellknown companies and universities. eno energy uses a principle from companies in the automotive industry that have transformed their research and development departments into more efficient teams, enabling focus on core abilities and better utilization of complex supply industry-knowhow. Networking new developments, eno energy can put a small team into action that is both small (compared with other plant manufacturers) and effective.

The pitch system developed with Bosch Rexroth AG for the eno 82 and eno 92 turbines are an example of this kind of successful cooperation. A further joint project was conducted on the applicability of the control system developed by Rexroth known as Active Torque Control, which reduces drive train loads. For existing turbines, the inhouse solution is now preferred, and exhibits excellent performance. More collaborations are in the pipeline, including projects with research institutions and universities. The profitability of wind farms is another focus of research for eno energy systems. The development of eno 114 has been accompanied by a paradigm shift: classic plant designs seeking to maximize the yield of individual turbines are now out of date. The new trend is optimizing the profitability of wind farms with low wind resources. The pioneering design philosophy of eno 114 is to give greater consideration to the interaction between turbines in the run-up and follow-up. Behind it lies a patent pending principle: designing turbines for high turbulence while reducing follow-up turbulence. This minimizes the distance between individual turbines and, in so doing, increases area efficiency and the number of turbines per unit area. The eno 114 is optimized for reduced loads through profile geometries for new rotor blades and a customized rotor speed developed in complex wind tunnel trials. It is characterized by low resistance coefficients over a wide positioning-range, drastically reducing rotor thrust and wake turbulence.

Development of rotor blade profiles and the calculation of structural load was conducted in close cooperation with an engineering firm and a university experienced in these areas. Through this work, eno is setting new standards for yield and efficiency, especially under turbulent conditions in existing wind farms or in forest areas - exactly what our customers have asked us for.

About the eno. energy systems GmbH

The eno energy systems GmbH, seated in Rostock, is a manufacturer of onshore wind turbines with rated power outputs from 2.05 MW up to 3.5 MW and rotor diameters from 82 meters to 126 meters. The wind turbine development is focused on durability and is realized only with well-known suppliers. The company is positioned as wind turbine manufacturer and as a supplier of services for national and international markets. Furthermore, the eno. energy systems GmbH is characterized as a qualified partner for municipal investors and multinational project developers.

Press contact

eno energy GmbH
Alexandra Meyer
Head of Communications and Marketing
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