eno 100 | 2.2 MW

At every wind the most efficient wind turbine

With wind turbines from 2.05 to 3.5 megawatts and rotor blade diameters from 82 meters to 126 meters eno energy offers the most efficient solution for every wind site. All models have been optimized to provide maximum performance in the wind farm. Our machines are characterized by modern technologies and redundant features for the most important components. Therefore eno energy guarantees superior reliability, maximum efficiency and the highest yields.

eno 100 | 2.2 MW
The latest feed-in-technology and solid plant construction

Highest efficiency – This is what construction and design of the eno 100 stands for. Based on the established platform of eno 92 added by a rotor diameter of 100 meters and with this about 18 % more swept area, the eno 100 combines optimally compactness, solid engineering and much increased yields. The design of eno 100 is specialy developed to maximize the exploitation of low wind sites. The special control and the modern fully rated converter technology guarantee a safe operation in challenging grids.


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Optimized yield for wind farm sites

For low wind sites the annual energy yield is increased to up to 14 % through optimal dimensioning of the machine engineering and the control system. In this perfomance class the unique differential concept of the gears allows for a separation of load flow and thus provides a higher robustness. Because of its specific compact construction type the erection of the eno100 is also easier at logistically challenging sites. The up-to-the-minute power electronics complete the WTG configuration.

Excellent grid characteristics

With its well proven combination of a brushless synchronous generator and a full power converter the eno 100 handles grid faults smoothly and reliably. The wide reactive-power range provides for an excellent grid compatibility for the turbine with regarding to flicker and harmonics without a need of any additional filters or compensation systems. With these characteristics the eno 100 easily masters the requirements of all standard grid connection requirements.

High availability

The eno live.train®-concept guarantees the maximum reliability and durability for all drive train components. The adaptive drive train damping based on the 3 MW class and the grid decoupling by full power converter technology protect the gearbox optimally against alternating loads. A redundant configuration of lubrication, cooling and converter systems ensure full operability of the turbine even in the case of a subsystem failure.

Complete service

Uninterrupted power production, high productivity and reliable yields: To ensure these sustainable benefits eno energy offers a comprehensive service and aftersales programme. The flexible full-maintenance concept „eno complete care“ provides for permanent supervision of the machines, including condition monitoring. Highly qualified on-site service technicians ensure smooth and trouble-free operation of the wind farm. In this way the operating costs can be calculated in the long term. Thus, the availability is guaranteed at a high level.

Technical Specifications

Typeeno 100
Rated power2,200 kW
Cut-in wind speed3 m/s
Rated wind speedt13 m/s
Cut-out wind speed25 m/s
Tilt angle
Diameter100.5 m
Speed range5.5 - 14.2 rpm
Swept area7,932 m2
Rotor blade
ManufacturerLM Wind Power
Length49 m
ModelPlanetary-/spur gearing
Gear ratio approx. 1:111
Designslip ringless/brushless excitation
TypeSynchronous generator
Tower (hub height)
Model steel tube99 m, 125 m
TypeFull power converter
ModelModular IGBT inverter topology
Sound power level
calculated (Mode 0)105,9 dB(A)
Wind class
Wind class according to IECIEC IIIa
Wind zone according to DIBt WZ III, GK 2

noise-reduced operation modes available on request

Power curve

Product Brochure

eno 100

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Data Sheet

eno 100

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