Safe from production facility to construction site

Transportation of an eno wind turbine

Transporting a wind turbine is often a logistical feat. As well as the challenge of loading rotor blades, which have continually increased in length due to further developments, adequately onto a heavy goods vehicle and passing through sometimes narrow forks, the weight is also a crucial factor when crossing bridges or coping with inclines. To minimize transport risks, eno energy uses transport and route studies beforehand to check the situation on site, and only contracts experienced transport companies who have the required expertise when handling sensitive heavy goods.


Our services for you

  • Creation of a feasibility study for transportation and the route
  • Securing the site areas for use and pivoting over the heavy goods transport area
  • Contracting and coordination of the route study
  • Calling for tenders and selecting the carrier
  • Communication with the transport company over the period of the entire transport process
  • Supporting transportation

We can get your system up and running

Setting up and commissioning

Once the wind turbine components have arrived at the installation site, eno energy takes over the construction site coordination for building the wind turbine. Here, the 137m-tower of an eno126 alone consists of two half-shells at the base of the tower and five further tower sections on top of this. With the ideal wind and weather conditions, the construction only takes a few days. The cabling work and network connection of the wind turbine are carried out by experienced eno technicians who, through flawless commissioning, will ensure that the turbine can feed environmentally friendly power into the public network quickly.  


Our services for you

  • Contracting a suitable crane company
  • Monitoring and coordination of the construction site activities
  • Turnkey setting up including cabling
  • Network connection and commissioning the wind turbine


eno as EPC contract partner

With a history spanning more than ten years in managing highly complex construction projects and the related component purchasing, sub-supplier checks as well as the required logistics, the eno Group is able to offer their customers a turnkey service in the form of EPC contracting (Engineering, Procurement & Construction). The services can be ordered as a complete package or as individual services. Get in touch with us. We are happy to advise you personally on the options for completing your wind project in a ready-to-use and timely manner.


Delivering and setting up your wind turbines

  • Delivering and setting up your wind turbines
  • Completion of the purchase contracts with the turbine manufacturers and taking on the obligations of the buyer from the contacts (e.g. track expansion for transportation)
  • Construction of the overall infrastructure (road construction, crane sites, foundations, cable route, substation) including network connection and the required approvals
  • Coordination of the construction side, including construction monitoringCreation of the project schedules and checking compliance with the schedule
  • Inspection of the trades (infrastructure and wind turbines)
  • Transfer of the project documentation
  • Monitoring of the BimSchG requirements including providing/procuring the required notifications/verifications

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