Technical operational management

We will keep your system running

Ensuring a high level of technical performance of the wind turbines and their individual components is gaining more and more importance in times of a constantly increasing lifespan and the demand for a greater economic efficiency of wind turbines. With the technical operational management of eno energy, we allow our customers to achieve a maximum in energy production thanks to minimal downtimes. Short reaction times in the event of a fault lead to a further optimisation of time availability. With a great deal of technical knowledge, we can also manage your wind farm – regardless of the machinery and in a professional manner.

Our services for you

  • Ensuring compliance with official and insurance-related requirements
  • Data and fault analysis including target-actual comparison
  • Coordination of fault correction and the creation of deficiency lists
  • Monitoring and optimisation of turbine performance including yield loss calculations
  • Production of individual technical reports
  • Technical advice and support with implementing new legal requirements
  • Looking after a turbine logbook
  • Carrying out regular visual inspections
  • Invitations to tender, plausibility tests and cost comparisons of expert opinions and repair tasks
  • Control and monitoring of all service and maintenance tasks
  • Determining the annual technical availability

Commercial operational management

eno energy combines the technical component with the commercial one in order to ensure an optimal management of the wind farm. Here, we act as your experienced point of contact for all business partners of your operating company and can take over the complete commercial accounting for you. We are happy to assist when it comes to the implementation of contractually agreed claims from your wind farm and will continue to optimise all completed contracts as part of our proactive contract management system. The integrated system solution from one source means that your wind farm is secured in the best way possible for all technical and economic matters.

Our services for you

  • Creation of energy revenue calculations
  • Services as part of direct energy marketing
  • Checking invoices and completing payment transactions
  • Active liquidity management
  • Taking on the insurance management, including claims processing and calculating losses of yield
  • Production of individual commercial reports
  • Looking after investors including proactive commercial advice, e.g. for refinancing
  • Organisation and execution of general meetings
  • Coordination of commercial register matters