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Efficient Wind turbines. For a clean future.

Make wind energy more efficient - that is our goal. For us the economic success of renewable energy and the successful protection of the environment goes hand in hand. eno energy has already planned and installed wind farms worldwide. With this experience, we design and build our machines and working with new technologies and innovative solutions.


Role model for grid integration

The multiphase generator, the modular converter system, the systematic redundancy and the generator winding together all guarantee an optimal grid support with maximum availability.


eno live.train®

Life insurance for the gearbox

The maximum protection for the gearbox is provided by a hydraulic gearbox suspension without reactive forces, an active drive train damping, a full-power converter and a redundant oil supply system. And also, depending on the model, a four-point or three-point bearing for the rotor.

Rotor control

eno pitch.control®
Safety meets efficiency

State-of-the-art AC drive technology meets the safety levels of traditional DC systems. The redundant converter topology ensures the optimum pitch of the rotor blades at all times in compliance with the latest safety guidelines.

Rotor blade

eno blade®
Efficiency redefined

The pioneering rotor blade design minimises loads and maximises the resistance to turbulence to achieve an extraordinarily high wind park efficiency and maximum profit of the wind farm.

Park control

eno ops.control® 
Optimisation at a click

The solution of an integrated control system based on an open, web-based SCADA connection controls all process sequences - from operational management via pitch control to wind farm networking - and enables a reliable self-optimisation.

Wind Turbines

Discover »enovations for efficiency" - in our wind turbines for different locations:



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