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With the eno152, which was presented at the ninth Rostock Wind in the summer of 2020, eno energy systems GmbH is introducing its wind turbine optimised for strong wind locations to the market for wind turbines with rotor diameters of more than 150 m. This turbine variant uses all the advantages of the enoventum platform and is designed for locations with medium to strong wind. The proven four-point bearing for the gearbox and the choice of high-quality sub-suppliers for the core components guarantee reliability, durability and high availability – ‘Made in Germany’. With a 21 % increase in yield compared to the eno140 thanks to 18,146 m² of swept rotor area and with 5.6 MW as well as towers for total heights of 200 m and 241 m, appropriate flexibility has been provided.

Technical data

Highest efficiency through maximum performance


Rated Power

5.6 MW

Hub height

124, 165 m

Rotor diameter

152 m


Rated Power

5,600 kW

Cut-in wind speed

3 m/s

Rated wind speed

13.5 m/s

Cut-out wind speed

25 m/s

Tilting angle



152 m

Nominal speed

4 – 11.7 U/min

Swept area

17,979 m²



Full converter


Modular IGBT Inverter topology

Sound power level

mit Serrations

106.8 dB(A)

ohne Serrations

108.3 dB(A)


5.6 MW

Estimated AEP²
AEP in MWh
eno152 - 5.6
6.0 m/s13,233
6.5 m/s15,522
7.0 m/s17,747
7.5 m/s19,868
8.0 m/s21,860
8.5 m/s23,705
Power curve


E.g.: 5.6 MW, 165 m

> 12,724

Tonnes of CO2 saved per year3

> 5,450

Supplied households3

> 19,076,026


1    Noise-reduced modes available on request
2   Medium wind speed at hub height, Rayleigh distribution
3   Landesamt für innere Verwaltung Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Source: Statistisches Amt

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