Q&A - All about WTG

Delivery time

How long does it take from the order to the assembly of a wind turbine?

As an owner-managed, medium-sized company, we can react flexibly to market situations and have a short delivery time of 10-12 months after signing the contract, which is comparable for the market.


What happens if transport is not so easy to realise?

We are prepared for every eventuality and make transport to any location possible with our selected partners.

At the Brusow wind farm, for example, the rotor blades were hoisted over railway tracks with a crane so that the rotor blades could be mounted. We make everything possible!

Supply chain

What does an eno wind turbine do for the local economy?

A large part of the value chain of our wind turbines is located in Germany. As a result, we create numerous national jobs with our suppliers, transport companies, steel producers, management companies and many more.

In Germany as a whole, there are around 135,000 jobs in the wind industry.

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