The flagship
The eno160 is an extension of the enoventum platform and was specially designed in Rostock for optimum yield in medium and low wind conditions. The flagship convinces with 20,106 m² of swept rotor area, as well as hub heights of 100 m, 120 m, 150 m and 165 m to cover the respective site specifics. Our engineers have applied all their knowledge and many years of experience to achieve an optimal yield while at the same time reducing mechanical load. The combination of innovative solutions with outstanding technical availability makes the eno160 the first choice for maximum economic efficiency – “Made in Germany”. Reliability, performance and yield are the top priorities for low wind sites.

Technical data

Highest efficiency through maximum performance


Rated Power

6.0 MW

Hub height

100, 120, 150, 165 m

Rotor diameter

160 m


Rated Power

6,000 kW

Cut-in wind speed

3 m/s

Rated wind speed

13.5 m/s

Cut-out wind speed

24 m/s

Tilting angle



160 m

Nominal speed

9.8 rpm

Swept area

20,106 m²



Full converter


Modular IGBT Inverter topology

Sound power level1

with serrations

108.1 dB(A)

without serrations

110.1 dB(A)


6.0 MW

Estimated AEP²
AEP in MWh
k=2eno160 - 6.0
5.5 m/s12,697
6.0 m/s15,283
6.5 m/s17,821
7.0 m/s20,258
7.5 m/s22,556
Power curve


E.g.: 6.0 MW, 165 m

> 14,400

Tonnes of CO2 saved per year3

> 6,100

Supplied households3

> 21,500,000


1    Noise-reduced modes available on request
2   Medium wind speed at hub height, Rayleigh distribution
3   Landesamt für innere Verwaltung Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Source: Statistisches Amt

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