Maximum wind farm revenues are guaranteed by the eno114, even at sites with increased turbulence. Up to 4,800 kilowatts of rated power make the machine the most powerful onshore turbine in the 4-megawatt class, and with a perfect balance between robust, conservative machine design and highly innovative detailed solutions, the eno114 achieves an unsurpassed high packing density.


The optimised rotor aerodynamics and advanced carbon fibre technology of the eno126 provide new standards in terms of economic efficiency and load reduction. Highly innovative detailed solutions, coupled with robust machine design, make the eno126 a reliable long-term investment in a new generation of wind turbines. 12,500 m² of swept rotor area make it ideal for inland sites. Up to 4,800 kilowatts of rated power paired with an increased turbulence classification make the eno126 one of the most economical solutions in the wind farm.


The 69 meter long rotor blades of the eno140 provide optimised airflow around the profile and, as a result of the aerodynamic high-performance design, they ensure maximum yields and economic efficiency of the wind turbine at low wind sites. With 15,570m² of swept rotor area, 4,200 kilowatts of rated power, the eno live.train® solution as well as the advanced eno split.drive®, the eno140 presents a mature turbine produced in Germany. By combining innovative solutions with outstanding technical availability, the eno140 is a high-quality investment in the future.