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Comprehensive eno service concept

With its many years of experience, eno Service stands for comprehensive services in the field of maintenance, reactive repair and preventive maintenance measures for our own turbines and for third-party systems.

Our goal is the safe and efficient operation of wind turbines and the best service for our customers.

eno energy - Service

Performance and structure

Overview of services



Optimised, decentralised service structure

Fast Response

Service structure

Rostock, Rerik | Remote monitoring, central warehouse, engineering, seat service

Service points

Rostock | Rotor blade team, expertise,maintenance and service teams
Plauerhagen | Maintenance and service teams
Uckermark | Maintenance and repair teams
Kölsa | Maintenance and repair teams, abseiling technology
Leipzig | Maintenance and service teams, expertise team
Berlin | Rotor blade team
Paderborn | Rotor blade team
Neustadt-Glewe | Corrosion protection team
Sweden | Maintenance and service teams
France | Maintenance and service team under construction

Service and maintenance

days available for you

Minimum availability of
eno wind turbines

High quality technology

eno wind turbines are characterised by robust and low-maintenance technology. The wind turbines are equipped with a machine protection concept and a condition monitoring system as standard. This enables us to permanent monitor the critical areas of your turbine and to proactively initiate measures in the case of the smallest changes. The specially developed control system enables load-reduced and yield-optimised operation of your turbine.

eno service packages

Basic Care

Term (in years)


Option for extension

Half-yearly maintenance incl. wearing parts

Service reports

Remote monitoring 7/365

Technical competence centre (06:00 – 22:00)

CMS reports


Advanced Care

Term (in years)


Basic Care services

Fast delivery times for main components

Annual operating report

Regular inspections (oil, blades, WTG check)

Availability guarantee

Complete Care

Term (in years)


Advanced Care services

Half-yearly maintenance

incl. wearing parts

incl. main components

Extended service

  • Expertise testing and repair in the area of lifts, winches
    and attachment points
  • Execution of DGUV-V3 inspections
  • Major component replacement (tower segment, blade, blade bearing, gearbox)
  • Own rotor blade teams (repair and inspection of rotor blades with platform and roping)
  • Detailed safety training measures
eno energy - Service

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