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Our wind turbines

Made in Germany since 15 years


  • 15 years of experience in machine design


  • High-quality and durable product with value chain in Germany
  • Tailor-made/individual to your requirements
  • Durable design with modular reinforcements

Our machine portfolio

The future is happening now! Benefit from our short delivery times, our experience and our high quality standards. Our products cover all types of locations and were developed by our engineers specifically for your requirements.

Technical highlights

four-point bearing

In contrast to conventional wind turbines, we install a four-point bearing instead of a three-point bearing. This reduces the gearbox load and the risk of early gearbox failure.


Service friendly design

Aufgrund der Anordnung der Hauptkomponenten in Maschinengehäuse konnten wir eine servicefreundliche Lösung finden, die zum einen wartungsarm ist und zum anderen Reparaturen erleichtert.

Switch cabinet

Our own switch cabinet production enables us to guarantee continuous optimisation and the highest quality standards for our customers, independently of third-party suppliers.


Electrically energised synchronous generator

Compared to a permanently energised generator, we do not use neodymium magnets (“rare earths”) and can quickly adapt our wind turbines to the prevailing wind and grid conditions. Another advantage is the protection of the generator against grid faults, and the support of the transmission grid in case of voltage dips.


Intelligent wind farm concepts

Through our patented Gridmaster® system, we can influence the power control and implement the feed-in in compliance with the directive.

Compact main gearbox design

Thanks to many years of experience in the field of system design, we were able to develop a gearbox with a selected partner company that has more torque in less space and also has a considerable weight advantage. Due to a better load distribution between the planets, the durability has also been improved enormously, resulting in less wear and counter-deformation.

Tower selection

Depending on the requirements you can choose between tubular steel towers or concrete hybrid towers. This allows us to respond to specific local and transport conditions.

Overview of our machines

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