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Dual studies at eno energy

Shaping a green future together
To recruit qualified employees, eno energy is working with Wismar University of Applied Sciences for the first time this year, offering a part-time study programme in mechanical and electrical engineering.

We welcomed our first dual students on 1 August 2023. Our students spend nine semesters studying mechanical and electrical engineering at Wismar University of Applied Sciences. The practical placement that forms an integral part of their course takes place in our production facility in Hinrichsdorf, where they undertake training as ­mechatronics ­engineers and electronics engineers for ­operational technology.

In addition, seven apprentices started work at eno sites on 1 September 2023.
In another first this year, two apprentices travelled to Dublin to improve their foreign language skills. Trainees who perform particularly well within the company and at college benefit from this option as part of their second and third year of training.


Dublin placement with Erasmus
Our trainee Tim Sturm at his workplace in the Speicher building.
Hi Tim! You took part in our AHK Erasmus programme this year and had the opportunity to improve your English skills in Dublin, with a particular focus on your training in industrial management. Please tell us briefly where you went and how long you were there.

Tim Hi, I was able to spend time in Dublin from 21 May to 10 June this year. I attended Dublin Business School and took a course in international industrial management.

How was the course organised there?

The course consisted of different parts. Firstly, there was classroom teaching in various subjects, but always with a link to Dublin and Ireland. In the first few days we had the opportunity to take tours of the city to enable us to get to know our way around a bit better. We also visited a variety of businesses, giving us an insight into the international employment market.

Did the trip allow you to improve your English?

My English definitely improved significantly during my stay. Over my time there, I noticed that it got easier and easier to use English in everyday life.

What is your takeaway from the Dublin programme?

My stay in Dublin and the course I took there have given me a completely new insight. I would recommend anyone who has the opportunity to take part in a programme like this to do so – not just for the language and socio-cultural aspects, but also for their ­personal development.

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