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“Eno Energy is flying high”

Article in the Ostsee Zeitung newspaper

“The company has ­manufactured ­exclusively in Rostock since 1999 and is currently ­expanding strongly.”

Patrick Rudolf, Head of Sales

Flying high. That’s the best way to describe Eno Energy, which is based in Rostock and Rerik. The wind turbine manufacturer has been growing steadily for almost 24 years. From its beginnings with just three founders, it now has some 260 employees. The five different wind turbine models offered by the company are in service across Germany, southern Sweden and northern France, with Belgium and Poland set to follow.

Jacqueline Wünsch has been part of the team almost since the beginning. The graduate in industrial engineering started out as a technical draughtswoman and is now responsible for the Northern Region project development team. Like Gudrun Gottschalk of the Southern Region project development team, Jacqueline Wünsch is also a sole authorised signatory, alongside managing director Karsten Porm, and thus able to represent the eno energy group. “It’s just never boring here. You have to be passionate about it,” she says when asked to explain the company’s growth – and also why she has stayed so long.

“Production will remain based in Rostock.”

Karsten Porm,
owner and managing director
of Eno Energy

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