Delivery of the transmission station for Marienmünster at Vörden substation.
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Prowind x eno energy

The foundations for a long-term partnership have been laid
“In eno, we have found a­ smaller-­scale manufacturer that offers ­excellent quality and partnership on an equal footing.We are delighted to be­ ­progressing this joint project.”

Johannes Busmann,
owner and managing director, Prowind GmbH

Brief profile: Prowind GmbH is a regional company, based in ­Osnabrück. Johannes Busmann, the owner and managing director of Prowind GmbH, is the man behind the Prowind story. He developed his passion for wind energy as a young farmer back in the 1980s, building his first wind turbine to provide his farm with electricity. Eventually, this pioneering vision of a sustainable energy supply led to the establishment of Prowind GmbH in 2000.
“We can definitely see ourselves ­continuing to work with eno in the future. We already have a ­project pipeline in place for any future ­collaboration.”

Johannes Busmann,
owner and managing director, Prowind GmbH

Why did you choose to partner
with eno energy?

Johannes Busmann We are always on the lookout for wind turbines for optimal self-operation together with local people which are also a good fit with Prowind and offer the prospect of better quality. After careful scrutiny of purchasing, asset management and a variety of data on installed eno WTGs, plus a visit to eno’s production facility, all interested parties decided to try out eno energy and hopefully enter into a lasting partnership.

Could you briefly describe the joint project?

The project encompasses three eno160 type turbines producing 6 MW each. The wind farm is located in North Rhine-Westphalia, near the town of Marienmünster in the Höxter district, around 1.1 km to the southeast of Bredenborn. The site layout and all the associated plans, such as access to the wind farm, are based on existing plans and consent gained with a different turbine manufacturer. Working with eno, we were able to adapt the plans to the new specifications without significant changes.

What details had to be taken into account?

The project was at a critical phase of the planning process when the effects of global crises such as the Covid pandemic and then the war in Ukraine directly impacted the plans. We are very proud that we are nevertheless able to successfully implement the wind farm, and are confident that we have found a reliable partner in eno.

What is the current status of the project?

Road construction, crane sites and the excavation work have all been completed. The footings for the foundations have also been laid. The next milestones will be to pour the foundations for turbines 1 and 3 between weeks 49 and 52, and to install the rebar for the second turbine so that the foundations can be poured after 15 January 2024. The intention is then to erect the concrete towers by the end of March.

How do you find eno to work with?

Our collaboration so far during the ­construction phase has gone very smoothly. Communication is good and any issues that need clarification are dealt with very ­efficiently by engaging directly with the ­relevant product manager.


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