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Working together to boost the region with wind

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern as a region offers excellent conditions for generating energy with wind.

Many areas are designated as suitable for wind energy, thus enabling the construction of wind turbines to provide valuable energy. Although we all benefit from electricity from renewable sources, the people and communities in the immediate vicinity of wind turbines are impacted by its generation.

To compensate for this disadvantage, the Bürger- und Gemeindenbeteiligungsgesetz M-V (BüGembeteilG M-V, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Citizen and Municipal Participation Act) entered into force on 28 May 2016. Among other things, this legislation obliges the builders and operators of wind turbines (project sponsors) to give the affected people and communities within a radius of five kilometres the opportunity to have a financial stake in the project. Since 26 June 2021, an opening clause makes it possible to also seek other solutions together with local communities and citizens.

When they plan a wind farm, project sponsors want to get the surrounding people and communities on board, so this opening clause offers a truly fantastic opportunity to develop the surrounding region at the same time. The clause makes the steps needed to bring about this involvement much simpler. It has enabled eno energy GmbH to bring three neighbouring communities on board with the Brusow wind farm through sponsorship, for example.

Sponsorship worth €3,000 went to the “Feldmäuse” nursery in Retschow.

Further donations were made to the agricultural engineering association in Jennewitz, the Reddelich and Brodhagen culture association, and the “Gemeinsam statt einsam in Kröpelin e.V.” support group, among others. These investments have improved community life in the surrounding areas, helped to shape community development and enhanced the quality of life in rural areas.


“The donation came at just the right time. Our nursery is currently updating the playground and we can put the money to good use immediately.”

Lisa Glasow, “Feldmäuse” nursery

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